Why VAV?

What is the benefits adopting Variable Air Volume (VAV) system?

  • Economical Operation

    VAV system can change the cooling and heating load changes in air volume of the cooling, heating capacity and fan power sales to meet the actual load requirements. Thus, the system can significantly reduce energy consumption. VAV air-conditioning system may further take advantage of fresh outdoor air, as far as possible in the transition season, not only saves energy consumption, but also improve indoor air quality. It is estimated that you can save more than 30% of the annual energy consumption, 10-30% of the total capacity reduction equipment.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality and Comfort

    With the integrated DDC control, SUNs terminal units can keep room temperature and air volume within the pre-set range per actual cooling or heating load requirement and enhance control accuracy of the terminal unit. It allows room temperature to be adjusted per application requirement. Supply air of VAV system can re remote and centralized controlled to improve the system efficiency and room air quality.

  • Reliable Operation, Simple Construction

    VAV system is an all-air system. There is no water piping passing through the ceiling of the room, which can avoid problems such as condensation, water leakage and bacteria breeding which may happen in the fan coil system. In addition, SUN VAV boxes have simple casing construction, which makes installation simple and easy.

  • Flexible System

    Renovation always occurs in modern buildings. By using flexible duct connection, modification of SUN terminal unit position can be done according to the room partition and requirement with minimum field modification cost, labor and time.

  • Compatible System

    VAV system can be integrated with other air conditioning systems to optimize performance efficiency. For example, when integrated with ice storage system, the application of cold air distribution can reduce the initial investment of ice storage system effectively; when integrated with heat pump system it can reduce initial investment, reducing the noise level by installing several water heat pumps in central location and avoid costly installation of heat pump at each floor.

  • Easy Integration with Building Automation (BA) System

    VAV system can be integrated to BA System via DDC control. System optimization and monitoring of the whole system can be achieved through computerized control.