VAV box with Series Fan Power Unit

Common Applications:


  • Exterior zones where heating and cooling loads may vary considerably and occupancy variances allow the central system to be shut-down or setting back.

  • Situations where central system economy is desired.

  • Occupant comfort is also very important as the constant volume air delivery leads to optimal air distribution efficiency




  • Pressure independent operation
  • Electronic or direct digital control
  • Factory calibrated to fit job requirement
  • External mounted DDC controller panel
  • Connection bead offers secured flex duct connection
  • Full range of accessories (coil, attenuator etc)
  • Wide range speed blower
  • Integrated 3 speed and variable Fan speed switch




  • 0.8 to 1.0mm G.I Structure
  • 25 mm and 48 kg/m3 fiberglass internal insulation, facing with marglass and perforated metal sheet protection. Meets requirement of BS476 part 6 and HKFSD regulation
  • Blade type damper formed by two layers of heavy gauge galvanized steel with sandwich peripheral gasket
  • Plated damper shaft is mounted in self-lubricated bearings
  • UL 94 type pneumatic tubing
  • Discharge with completed J2 flange and meet DW 144 requirement
  • Special liner and insulation available
Internal Parts

12 point cross flow sensor

Eaton Symflex "1219 FR" UL 94 type pneumatic tubing

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