Saddle Type Light Troffer Diffuser

• Galvanized zinc
• Coated steel

• Designed with the latest environmental engineering techniques to achieve good room air distribution and low operating noise to ensure maximum comfort conditions on air-conditioned space
• Designed to attenuate air duct system noise
• Most ceiling component diffusers consist of engineered plenum sections with a variety of air pattern controllers at the discharge face
• Designed to be fitted to any type of slot diffusers
• The compatibility of the diffuser and light fixture is very important – we worked hard to ensure the compatibility of the two components
• Suitable for VAV system

• Available as single-sided models or saddle (double-sided) models
• Available in 1 to 4 slot types
• Optional external foil-backed insulation is available
• Specific sizes can be tailor-made

• Inner coated fiberglass insulation
• External aluminum foil backed fiberglass insulation
• Compliment with slot diffusers
• Suitable for VAV system
• Complimentary for perforated diffusers

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