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SUN "Group was established in 2000, specializing in air-conditioning equipment production, design and sales. In 2005 developed the self-brand" SUN "(Wancai) with focus on VAV boxes and variable air volume systems.

SUN is the one and only Hong Kong brand successfully accepted by Hong Kong Government as VAV Supplier:

  • Since 2007, more than 95% of Hong Kong Government projects using "SUN" VAV
  • Since 2007, 100% of Hong Kong Hospital using "SUN" VAV
  • Annual supply to Hong Kong Government VAV Box around 8000-10000/sets
  • All the "SUN" VAV performance tests are done by independent third party laboratories in accordance with international standards like ISO5219, ISO5220, ISO5221, BS4979, ASHRAE 130, ASHRAE 70, and ARI880.

With years of working experience and understanding of VAV system while adhering to the principle of customer-oriented, "SUN" has developed series of products with a view to facilitate easy installation and perfectly matching requirements of customers design and production.

Professional Standards
ISO 9000,  ISO 5220:1981, ISO 5221:1984
  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 5220:1981
  • ISO 5221:1984
BS 4979:1996
  • BS 4979:1996

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Institute Certified
  • ARI 880
  • ARI 885-98
ASHRAE 130, ASHRAE 70 Certified
  • ASHRAE 130
  • ASHRAE 70
DW144: 1998 Class B,  DW142: 1998 certified
  • DW144: 1998 Class B
  • DW142: 1998
UL 181:2005,  UL 94 V-2 certificate
  • UL 181:2005
  • UL 94 V-2

Hong Kong Fire Department

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